Reasons to Get Involved in Team Sports

In a time when much of our work and social life is spent online, it can be difficult to remember to engage in physical, outdoor recreation. Even then, exercising alone can be boring, leading to a decline in motivation to continue. The good news is that there’s an easy, fun alternative to this cycle that both children and adults can enjoy. Team sports are a great way to exercise, and with such a variety of activities, everyone can find something appealing.


What Are Team Sports?

Team sports are games played as part of a team, usually of six or more, and you can find them just about anywhere. Some of the most popular team sports, like baseball, soccer, or football, are played on a grassy field. Others, like basketball, are played on an indoor court. Hockey takes place on an ice rink, and water polo is played in a pool. All team sports have rules that must be followed, and generally, the scoring of points is achieved by passing a ball or puck to a specific part of the play area.


What Are the Benefits of Team Sports?

Team sports have many benefits, but there’s one that isn’t quite so easy to spot. Individuals who play a team sport have a higher chance of getting better grades and are more likely to pursue higher education. Sports help increase a player’s self-esteem and self-confidence, especially when new skills are learned, put to the test, and end up helping the team. This carries over into the academic world, leading players to work harder, set goals, and approach challenges with a more positive outlook.

As may be surmised from a name like “team sports,” players who participate in a group sports develop better social and teamwork skills than those who do not. Teams win games based on the communication and cooperation among their members. This skill translates well into other social scenarios, such as cooperating with someone who’s difficult to get along with or working as a group. Inevitably, a team will experience defeat, and while it may be disappointing, this is also a valuable lesson in how to fail gracefully and try again.

One of the most enticing aspects of team sports is how much fun they are to play. Many players make fast friends with their teammates, who may come from different social and economic circles. When life gets difficult or stressful, these teammates can be a valuable support system, and the act of exercise in and of itself can be relaxing. Playing team sports cannot help but provide a good cardiovascular workout, but it also helps develop muscle and reduce the risk of later illnesses like breast cancer or osteoporosis.


What Kind of Team Sport Is Right for Me or My Child?

All team sports offer the benefits listed above, so ultimately, the decision of which one to pick comes down to personal preference. If you or your child enjoy running, soccer or football might be a good option. If you prefer time spent on the ice, try hockey. Take some time and learn about different sports to see which one has the most appeal.


For more information on team sports, check out the resources provided below.